Our Tax module is designed to help your business with many critical tax related items such as sales tax calculations, 1099 and IRS Schedule C form. Accurants calculates sales tax, tracks the amounts for the 1099 eligible vendors and automatically generates filled out Schedule C directly on IRS from.

Sales Tax

For employees that have fixed number of hours, you do not have to run their payroll, Accurants automatically runs payroll for you to review. For employees that have variable hours, hours are the only input to process payroll. Being one system, our Time Tracker module is fully integrated with our Payroll module, this hours entered into our Time Tracker will automatically flow into Payroll saving you time, money, and effort.

Schedule C

Sole proprietors need to file Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business) form as part of their income tax filing. Accurants automatically fills out and generates a Schedule C on the IRS form. You could then use the data from the form to file your taxes or you can take the form to you accountant and negotiate a discounted rate for your tax filing.


During the course of your business, you may have hired independent contractors. Accurants keeps track of those vendors and prepares the list of those eligible 1099 vendors to whom you need to send the necessary forms.

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